The following awards have been presented at the Kane-DuPage Soil & Water Conservation District Annual Meetings
Award Recipients
Jack Shouba
Dick Young Award
sponsored by EnCap Inc.
(pictured, right, with Gerard Fabrizius and Maureen McAllister)

Dezeri DeRaedt
John C. Biddle Award
sponsored by Kane County Farm Bureau
(pictured, center, with Candice Jacobs and Gerard Fabrizius) 

Woodridge School District 68
Conservation of Land and Water Resources Award
(pictured, Alex Gliwa, right, with Gerard Fabrizius) 
  Information about our 2014 Award Recipients
2013 Fran Caffee

Fran Caffee

Dick Young Award
(pictured, left, with Mary Ochsenschlager)

Donna Leher

Donna Lehrer
John C. Biddle Award

Tyler Creek Watershed Coalition
Excellence in Conservation of Land and Water Resources

Cynthia Wendt
Excellence in Conservation Education

photos by Ken Shepro
2012 Naper Settlement
for rain gardens & roadways project
Excellence in Promotion and Conservation
of Land and Water Resources

Bob & Kathy Andrini
Excellence in Conservation Education

Tom Ryterske
Excellence in Agricultural Conservation
Mike Kenyon
Mike Kenyon
John C. Biddle Award

Pictured with Chairman Gerard Fabrizius,
and Director Maureen McAllister

Conservation Award
Stearns Road Bridge Corridor Project
Excellence in Promotion and Conservation
of Land and Water Resources

Pictured: Manny Gomez and Tom Rickert from the Kane County Division of Transportation, Cathy Hurlbutt, Kane County Board and Randy Newkirk of Hampton, Lenzini and Renwick (also a KCSWCD associate director)

Sue Harney
Dick Young Award

Education Award

Kane County Certified Naturalist Program
Excellence in Conservation Education

Pictured: Pam Otto, St. Charles Park District, Valerie Blaine, Kane County Forest Preserve District, Margaret Gazdacka, Fox Valley Park District, Trish Burns, Geneva Park District and Elizabeth Hagen-Moeller, KDSWCD
2010 Dave Compton (posthumously)
John C. Biddle Award

Aquascape Inc.
Excellence in Promotion and Conservation
of Land and Water Resources

Phil Bus
Dick Young Award

Judy Fitchett

Judy Fitchett, The Conservation Foundation
(pictured with Gerard Fabrizius)
Excellence in Conservation Education

City of Chicago-O'Hare Modernization Program South Airfield construction sites  
Award for Excellence for Efforts in SESC

Deb Perryman  
Excellence In Education Award

Chuck & Beulah (above) Swanson  
John C. Biddle Award

2008 Dan Mitchell, Bartlett Park District  
Dedication to Conservation Education

2007 Mary Ochsenschlager, St. Charles Park District  
Dick Young Award    

John C. Biddle Family  
Lifetime Achievement Conservation Farming    

Pat and Peggy Hanley, Dundee Highlands  
Dedication to Conservation Education    

Rebecca Mathiewson, Homeowner  
Recognition of Excellence in the area of Conservation  

Greg VanZandt, Campton Township Solid Waste District  Excellence in the Promotion, Preservation, and/or Restoration of Natural Resources    

Jack Berry, Mark Gordon, Dave Phillips, Rebecca Lambe. Campton Township Solid Waste District Excellence in the Promotion and Conservation of Land and Water Resources
2007 - Biddle Family
2007 - Campton Township
2006 Maryanne Nelson, Fox Valley Land Foundation  
Dick Young Award    

Ann LeClerq, Aurora Downtown  
Dedication to Preservation of Natural Resources
Elizabeth Smid, James "Pate" Philip Visitor Center Dedication to Conservation Education    

Steve Wyland, Del Webb, Huntley  
Dedication to Soil Erosion and Sediment Control
2005 John Duerr  
Dick Young Award    

Renae Frigo  
Dedication to Conservation Education    

Jack Shouba, Campton Township
Dedication to Restoration and Preservation    

Gary Swick, Friends of the Fox River  
Dedication to Recycling
2004 Eva Biddle and Family
Dick Young Award - Lifetime Achievement Award

Roger Morris  
Dedication to Recycling
Roger Lootens  
Dedication to the Promotion, Restoration and Preservation of Natural Areas
Mike McCoy  
Dedication to Farmland Protection
Dick Young Award Recipients
Sue Harney
2011 -
Sue Harney
(pictured with Gerard Fabrizius, chairman,
and Mary Ochsenschlager, director)

2009 - John Rogner

2007 - Mary Ochsenschlager

2006  - Kevin Bohlin, Marianne Nelson, Dick Young

2005 - John Duerr and Kevin Bohlin

2004 Dick Young, Eva Biddle and son,
Chairman Kevin Bohlin
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