Conservation Books
Kane County Wild Plants and Natural Areas, 3rd Edition, Dick Young   $15.00  
The definitive catalog of Kane County plants and where they can be found based on over 25 years of knowledge of Kane County flora and plant habitats.  Also lists 47 Natural Areas with descriptive text.   218 pp, 5 1/2x8 1/2", softcover, includes line drawings of flora.    

Landscaping for Wildlife     $12.00  
Learn the benefits and principles of landscaping for wildlife to attract species throughout the year to your yard, farmland or woodland.  148 pp, 8 1/2x11", softcover, spiral bound, color photos and illustrations.    

Woodworking for Wildlife    $20.00  
Beautifully illustrated with 185 full color photos. Contains information on more than 50 bird species, recommendations on proper placement, habitat and maintenance.  Features general bird house information; nest boxes and platforms for use in backyards, forests, lakes, rivers and marshes; woodworking plans to build your own bird houses.  112 pp, 8 1/2x11", full color, softcover, spiral bound. 

Wild About Birds    $20.00  
Learn techniques used by the author to double the number of species of birds using his feeders.  Includes woodshop basics to construct feeders, tips on types of food, detailed descriptions and photos of almost all feeder-using species east of the Rocky mountains.    288 pp, 8 1/2x11", softcover, spiral bound, 425 color photographs, illustrations and diagrams.    

Birds of Illinois    $13.00  
A handy field guide with color plates and descriptions of Illinois bird species.   Author Stan Tekeila adds his touch to each page with the addition of "Stan’s Notes" which includes his unique perspective as a naturalist. 270 pp, 4 1/2x6", paperback, color photographs.      

Critters of Illinois     $6.00  
A handy pocket guide of "critters" commonly found in Illinois from mammals and birds to herps, reptiles and insects. Information includes size, habitat, range, mating and nest habits, young, predators, migration and description. Below each color plate is a Did You Know? section with interesting side notes about each species. 128 pp, 4x6", paperback, color photographs.    

Trees of Illinois     $14.00

Fish of Illinois       $14.00
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Yellow Marking Flags   bundle of 25 for $5.50
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