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Kane-DuPage Soil and Water Stewardship Poster Contest 2017
Deadline: Friday, April 28th
Contest Information

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2017 Theme:  “Soils Are Full of Life”
Many people do not realize that soil, especially healthy soil, is full of life. Millions of species and bil-lions of organisms make up a complex and diverse mix of mi-croscopic and macroscopic life that represents the greatest con-centration of biomass anywhere on the planet. Healthy soil gives us clean air and water, bountiful crops, natural areas, and diverse wildlife. This year’s theme “Healthy Soils Are Full of Life” celebrates the importance of a fully functioning soil ecosystem.
The Soil and Water Stewardship Poster Contest is open to all K-12 public, private, or home school students that live in Kane and DuPage Counties.
What Makes A Good Poster
We are proud to feature the 2015 Winners Below!

High School Grand Prize Winner:  
Jessa Mae Mendiola from Hinsdale South High School

High School First Runner Up:
Juliana Melby from Benet Academy

4-6 Grand Division Grand Prize Winner
Ava Gonzales
Fearn Elementary, North Aurora


4-6 Grand Division First Runner Up
Klarissa Cotto
Fearn Elementary, North Aurora
Outdoor Education
A variety of outreach programs for K-12 classrooms and scout groups are offered by SWCD staff. Programs are interdisciplinary and can be designed to meet the needs of classroom curriculum.
To Schedule an Education Program:
Typical program length is between 30-60 minutes. Please call at least two weeks in advance of desired program date to schedule a program.
Contact:  Elizabeth Hagen-Moeller   
630.584.7960 Ext. 3  
Education Coordinator  Kane-DuPage Soil & Water Conservation District  2315 Dean Street, Suite 100, St. Charles, IL  60175  630.584.7960 Ext. 3
Program Fees:  
Programs are $40 for the first class and $20 for each additional class visited the same day.  Scout programs are $40 for up to 12 children, and $2 for each additional child  Low income schools - call for special rates.
Possible outreach program topics include, but are not limited to the programs listed below.
late elementary through middle school The Changing Landscape  
Kane and DuPage counties have experienced  huge growth and development.  Students will use historical aerial photos and maps to learn how the area has changed over time and the effects that these land use changes have on the natural resources.  
late elementary through middle school Dig Deeper Into Soils  
Soil is more than the loose brown stuff underneath our feet.  There are many different types of soil with distinct textures and colors.  Students will get their hands dirty as they investigate the formation, components and importance of soil. 
early & late elementary school Dirt Decomposers  
Did you know there is more life in the ground than above? A teaspoon of soil contains more than a billion organisms! Students will discover the world underneath their feet as they learn about the critters that help recycle plant nutrients and form soil.
late elementary through high school Groundwater: Our Hidden Treasure  
Nearly half of Illinois’ residents use groundwater from wells for drinking.   Activities on the land have an impact on the quality water stored underground.  Learn about groundwater and its role in the water cycle.  Students will see groundwater in action through a demonstration using a groundwater model.
early & late elementary school H2O on the Go
The water that we drink today is the same water dinosaurs drank years ago.  Follow water’s endless journey through the water cycle and learn how  he water we use gets to us.
early & late elementary school Tree-mendous  
Plants help support life!  Not only do they provide us with oxygen, they provide homes and food for wildlife, help prevent soil erosion, and provide many products we use every day.  This program will expose students to the diversity, function, and importance of trees and other plants.
early & late elementary school Wonderful Water  
Water is a key element for all life.   Learn about the physical properties of water, how we use this precious natural resource and the importance of water conservation.
Grants, Contests & Scholarship Opportunities  *
Leopold Education Project Scholarship Program  
A scholarship program for students pursing a 4-year degree in the field of Natural Resources.  Due April 1st  
Download a LEP scholarship application
Kane-DuPage Soil & Water Conservation District
2315 Dean Street, Suite 100, St. Charles, Illinois 60175
630/584-7960, Ext. 3